How a regional broadcaster became a frontrunner in user engagement during COVID-19 lockdown

March 2021

7 min.

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Christian Hougaard
Chief Commercial Officer, Northern Europe

The challenge

Implementing an audience-first strategy while in a state of emergency in order to meet audience needs in the best possible way.

The outcome

Having an ‘all in’-mindset when express-launching an ambitious engagement strategy has led to unprecedented engagement rates.

Launching an audience-first strategy while in a state of emergency

A case study by Hearken Europe, co-authored by Signe Kirstine Andersen

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, media outlets worldwide are facing the same unparalleled crisis situation: an all-encompassing breaking news reality and challenging production conditions. The perfectly natural reaction in this situation would be to pause all strategic initiatives in favor of a single focus on covering the latest COVID-19 developments.

But at regional Danish broadcaster TV 2/Fyn, management made a bold move instead: in the quest for serving their audience in the best possible way, the tv station decided to fast-track the launch of an ambitious audience engagement strategy, resulting in impressive engagement rates in a matter of one week. How? A combination of long-term attention to newsroom mindset — and agility.

Serving the Funen residents

“I’ve been part of projects on building relationships with audiences in the past. And I haven’t had a feeling of connecting this much with people as efficiently as we do now. The warmth in the ‘thank you’s we get from the audience is amazing!” — Kristina Lund Jørgensen, Project Manager and Constructive Editor, TV 2/Fyn

Question and Answer segments are divided between experts and journalists.

“Since 2015, we’ve worked strategically with the concept of relevance, and it’s been a key parameter for editing our news stories. Until now, however, it’s been difficult to make the shift towards relevance because journalists and editors often choose stories that they themselves think are newsworthy. But what is relevant to a journalist is not necessarily relevant to a carpenter.

As soon as we started working with Hearken, relevance was inevitable. After all, it’s hard to imagine users not finding our coverage relevant when the stories are made on their own initiative. Now, we find news angles we’d never otherwise have discovered, we see a much broader variety of stories and our news coverage seems more in sync with our audience.”

Lasse Hørbye Nielsen, Managing Editor, TV 2/Fyn

An evening broadcast host is guiding TV viewers how to inform coverage on their website. 

  • TV 2/Fyn, based in Odense and covering the island of Funen, is one of eight regional broadcasters associated with TV 2/Danmark A/S.

  • TV 2/Danmark A/S is a limited company 100 % owned by the Danish state. The primary purpose of the company is to carry on public service business. The regional TV 2 stations are autonomous stations each of which are fully license-financed.

  • TV 2/Fyn has, on average, 48,000 daily viewers for their 7.30 pm news slot. The regional broadcaster currently holds the position of second most viewed regional tv station under TV 2/Danmark A/S.

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