Djoef asks: What should we learn from corona?

March 2021

7 min.

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Christian Hougaard
Chief Commercial Officer, Northern Europe

Djoef is a union for lawyers, social scientists, and business economists with 103.000 members. The Djoef Magazine writes about the life of Djoef’s members, usually work-related content which might prove valuable for other members.
Djoef listens intently to the interests and needs of their members, and they produce a lot of content based on inputs from them. Articles, webinars, courses, and events are some of the products and services they offer, with the content often being based on insight gathered from their members. They wish to keep an ongoing dialogue with their members, and they actively encourage them users to participate in debates on their media platforms.

Djoef has taken an interest in analysing the effects of the covid-19 pandemic and the consequences it has on their members. Therefore, the Djoef Magazine wants to take a deeper look at how the covid-19 pandemic has affected work lives and how we can use this information to improve in the future.
They partnered with Hearken and inquired their members about what to change and what to keep, as we hopefully move from zoom meetings and stay-at-home work, towards normal working conditions.
Djoef takes a constructive and problem-solving approach in order to show their members that their opinion matters, and that they can have an actual influence on the world through engaging with Djoef. Inputs and ideas will be turned into articles and events where Djoef wants to find feasible solutions to work life after 2020.

Questions turn into events

They posted questions like:

“Do you have experiences from working under corona restrictions that you would like to share? E.g., successful approaches, or something you would like to criticize?”
“Is there anything about working under corona which sparks your curiosity, a question you would like to get answered?”
“Or do you have any ideas about how work life after corona should be?”

The public has shown a great interest in learning from corona, so Djoef arranged a webinar called “What should we learn from corona?”, based on insights from the article of the same name. They provide an analytical and debating perspective on the politics behind corona and their repercussions on society and individuals. As they gather insight about the influence of Corona, the plan is to arrange more events of similar nature. 

Asides from the planned webinars, the curiosity of the people has laid the foundation for several informative articles which revolves around corona and the consequences hereof. “12 rituals for better work-at-home days” or “Can you demand a height adjustable table, when you work from home?” are examples of these titles.

Djoef regularly updates their webpage with the latest inputs from their users. This way they keep their users in the loop. More information can be found on the article here.

The webinar was a conversation between the entrepreneur Jacob Bøtter and CEO of Danish Design Center Christian Bason. They were joined by 250 of Djoef’s members who enlightened each other by sharing experiences and opinions. The topics were “What skills are important to learn from working under corona” and “What should leaders take away from corona?”. The conversation served as a source of inspiration for Djoef, who plan to use the insights as the base for future events and articles under the theme “After2020”. They have already planned three more events titled “When the crisis politics struck Denmark”, “When corona closed the stores”, and “When Denmark reopens”.


  • Djoef is a Danish union for lawyers, social scientists, and business economists.
  • 103.000 members
  • Djoef asked their members what problems they faced working from home under corona
  • From these inputs Djoef wrote articles and arranged webinars which served as constructive educational content

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