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Hearken improves engagement through smart technology, effective design and strategies that work.

Hearken explained

Competitive advantage

Listening to the questions and curiosity of your audience can be turned into a competitive advantage. Experience tells us that it reveals relevant and original content which fosters greater engagement and loyalty.

Outside-in approach

An outside-in approach is about listening to the people and using their insights to create more relevant content which is based on their needs and values- which ultimately creates a win-win situation. 

Engagement defined

A mutually beneficial practice and relationship that through iterations develops over time. Build a relationship with your audience while listening continuously, to ensure that you are updated on the latest developments.

Who is Hearken Northern Europe?

We educate and inspire organizations that want to become better at engaging with their audience. Creating a constructive dialogue will lead to new sources of revenue and increased loyalty while building trust and enthusiasm.

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Realize that deeper relationships with audiences lead to groundbreaking insights.

Learn to implement strategic processes and technology solutions for communication with users and audiences.

Increase your internal capabilities through training programs and personalized development.

We ensure a return on engagement strategies. It’s not just a good idea; it’s good business.



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